Who is a secret sponsor of Halyna Chyzhyk, a member of the Public Integrity Council?

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Yet, the Public Integrity Council really knows how to relax and how to work. Or at least to pretend that they can work. Here is an example of Halyna Chyzhyk, one of the youngest activists of the present (she was born on March 26, 1992), a co-coordinator of the Public Integrity Council at the HQCJU (the dossier of the member of the Public Integrity Council can be read on the link).

The practical experience of this lady in working as a lawyer is, as they say, nothing to speak of: she worked only as an individual entrepreneur and carried out some activity within the framework of cooperation with various public organizations. In other words, it is not even the work of a lawyer, but some advisory services, without any understanding of how in practice the daily work in the courts, in the prosecutor’s office, in lawyers’ associations and other institutions is carried out. There is no mention of the Civil Procedure Code, the Economic Procedure Code, the Criminal Procedure Code or the Administrative Legal Procedure Code; no warrants or decisions, or resolutions. Lady Halyna is very far from all this – but it’s she who with childish immediacy seriously tells us about what the highest judicial body in the country should really be and why some judges do not work as they should.

One can only kindly envy of the 25-year-old girl’s confidence.

As a journalist (the second education of Halyna), Ms. Chyzhyk also does not really like to work. So only sometimes individual blogs appear on “Ukrayinska Pravda”. However they are totally manipulative – as well as all the material penned by the Public Integrity Council. So in the day the members of the Public Integrity Council could not agree among themselves how many “unfair judges” passed to the Supreme Court. Some said that there were 25 judges, who passed; others said that there was 25% of the entire composition (which makes already 30 persons, http://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2017/07/28/7150735/).


Why the integrity check of judges works in the United States and doesn’t work in this country

Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 16:00

Halyna Chyzhyk, a co-coordinator of the Public Integrity Council: “Only 8% of citizens trust in Ukrainian courts, while the level of trust in the US courts is 68%. One of the reasons lies, apparently, in the fact who and how appoints judges in this country, and in the United States.

On November 11, 113 newly elected judges of the Supreme Court took an oath. Twenty-five of them, according to the conclusions of the Public Integrity Council, are unfair. They participated in political persecutions, made arbitrary decisions, appeared in criminal proceedings, and could not explain the origin of their wealth”.

(The end of the document).

In her column on the “Ukrayinska Pravda” Halyna Chyzhyk confidently says that “Only 8% of citizens trust in Ukrainian courts, while the level of trust in the US courts is 68%.” And what is surprising, we’d really like to see what is the source of the latest information about 8% of trust in Ukraine, but the hyperlink leads to a study on American justice

http://news.gallup.com/poll/219674/trust-judicial-branch-executive -branch-down.aspx.

It’s a pity, but that’s how the Public Integrity Council works in every field – they say one thing, they emphasize another one, and they mean a third thing at all. Typically, such a behavior is called double standards. And in this respect Halyna Chyzhyk is by no means an exception to the rule.

As we recall, the Public Integrity Council was created and acted on the basis of Article 87 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” in order to assist the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine in establishing the compliance of a judge (candidate for the post of a judge) with criteria of professional ethics and integrity for the purpose of a qualification assessment. And it would seem that the members themselves should also behave ethically and honestly. Even more! “The behavior of a judge must support the public confidence in the integrity and incorruptibility of the judiciary”, that’s how one day Halyna Chyzhyk said. But why, then, the members of the Public Integrity Council themselves do not behave in such a way that there is no doubt about their incorruptibility. And why were there rumors in the media that the “positive” conclusion of the Public Integrity Council for a candidate to the Supreme Court cost no less than 50 thousand dollars?

It seems that one can possibly deny in response why then the members of the Public Integrity Council for this one year of their activities haven’t become a bit richer?

Are you sure that they haven’t become richer? Let’s count together.

Halyna Chyzhyk in 2015. Minimum of public activity. Only business. She has no real estate (1/3 part of her parents’ apartment in the godforsaken village doesn’t count), she has no car, no jewels, she has earned 261 thousand UAH (21 thousand UAH per month) for the entire year, at the bank accounts there were 108 thousand UAH (probably deposited by her father, a prosecutor).

Photo: Before joining the Public Integrity Council

In 2016 Halyna Chyzhyk did not file a declaration. But since November, 2016 has acceded to the Public Integrity Council. That is, the last 2 months of 2016 she could work at a minimum of time. But before that she had travelled to Poland, France, Sweden, and Georgia.

And she had a good rest on Evia Island in Greece. The minimum tour costs 15 thousand UAH, the average – 29-35 thousand UAH per week.

Yulia Solokha

So, Greece, hold on! We have arrived! – with Alina Pravdichenko and Halia Chyzhyk in Edipsos, Evia Island, Greece.

Khrystyna Kundenko: Good of you! Hard-working girls should rest once in a while!

Oleh Gryniuk: Don’t touch the ruin.

(The end of the text).

It is already evident that Halyna lives and works exclusively in Kyiv. Just look at her check-ins on the Facebook page.

We won’t pry into Halyna’s purse, but it is worth noting that renting an apartment in Kyiv is a minimum of 5-6 thousand UAH, or 70-80 thousand UAH of expenses per year. And this is again a minimal calculation. But it shows that without changing her job, and even more, with regard of the new workload in the field of “public activity” (inherently FREE OF CHARGE) it was extremely difficult or impossible for Halyna Chyzhyk to make some savings in 2016. At least on her own.

Nevertheless, Halyna is a young girl, and the sense of beauty and style is also not alien to her. Becoming a public figure, lady Chyzhyk has to change outfits for every event (she cannot wear jeans anymore), to buy expensive accessories. And here the year of 2017 shows that the expenditures of Halyna Chyzhyk have increased – and they increased significantly.

Photo: After joining the Public Integrity Council

Once again, all the information is taken from open sources. Her activity in autumn of 2017: in November 2017 – “Broadcast on the ATR channel”, the speaker of the round table “Establishment of the High Court on Intellectual Property in Ukraine”, appearances at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center and at the Hromadske Radio, participation in meetings of the Public Integrity Council. In October, she participated in several conferences on the results of the competition to the Supreme Court of Ukraine; on October, 17 she participated in a rally near the Verkhovna Rada, she was also present at the meetings of the Supreme Council of Justice, she took part in a briefing at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future. And in between the work – a get-together in the PR Bar every evening, visits to TSUM (Central Universal Department Store), spending great weekends at Gogolfest, and so on and so forth.


Each time – new jewellery, new dresses and outfits, refined cocktails and only, lo and behold, for two times she showed up with one red leather handbag.

Of course, the quality of the photo in most cases is not the best, but it can be seen that instead of cheap jewellery from now on, she wears leather accessories and silver and gold jewellery. Regarding the appearance, then Halyna Chyzhyk probably still does not allow herself to wear luxury expensive foreign brands, but is actively trying on all the novelties of the Ukrainian designers.

There is nothing wrong in all this. There is only a question: “At whose expense?”. Because if she worked in the Public Integrity Council for 5-6 hours throughout the spring of 2017 and attended long public events 4 times a week, then only 1-2 hours a day were left for consultancy. But it’s not likely, either. Precisely because of the obvious choice – either to earn money honestly or to continue to sit for days in the Public Integrity Council – several members of the Council have already left it.

Nevertheless, until recently, Halyna Chyzhyk could have been reproached purely hypothetically. Well, the girl doesn’t sleep and that’s it. In the afternoon she is a member of the Public Integrity Council, and at night – she moonlights as a lawyer, a journalist and a cleaner at the HQCJU or elsewhere (we are just joking). And then on weekends she goes to Lviv, where she buys cheap Polish gold jewellery. But on November, 1 there appeared a new asset of Halyna Chyzhyk, and we are wondering what money it was purchased for.


The matter is that on November 12, 2017 Halyna Chyzhyk filed a declaration on the occurrence of significant changes in her property status. She purchased derivative securities (derivatives) worth of 723672 UAH.


Type of securities: derivative securities (derivatives)

Date of entitlement: 01.11.2017

Issuer of securities:

Legal entity registered in Ukraine

Name: TOV “Asset Management Company “Royal Management” (“Kompaniya z upravlinnya actyvamy “Royal Menedzhment” TOV)

ID code: 39678536

Number: 1

Nominal value: not applicable

Cost on the date of acquisition: 723672

Cost by latest rating: not applicable

Information about the seller of the property:

Seller: legal entity registered in Ukraine

Name of the company: TOV “Asset Management Company “Royal Management”

ID code: 39678536

(The end of the document).

The seller is TOV “Asset Management Company “Royal Management” (identification code: 39678536). On the website of this company we find out that the only project that is currently being taken care of by the company is the “New England” Residential Complex near the Vasylkivska metro station in Kyiv. Indeed, the very type of securities itself hinted at it (derivatives are financial contracts or financial instruments based on residential collateral and real estate).

On the basis of the amount, a 1-room apartment of 38 sq.m. has been acquired.

But taking into account the description of this object given by the seller of the real estate (“Sophisticated manners and elegance, impeccable taste and the sense of style, age-old traditions and goodwill – all this is England”), one will have to fix the apartment up in order to “respond to status”. And this is up to 30% of the cost of the apartment, or 250 thousand UAH. And the object is not put into operation yet, so at least another year Halyna will be renting housing in Kyiv.

And now let’s count.


Chapter 2: Income Information

  1. The overall amount of total income, UAH, including: amount of the declarant – 261857.


Chapter 5: Information about deposits in banks, securities and other assets

  1. Amount of funds on bank accounts and in other financial institutions, including: total – 108003.
  2. Invested during the reported year: total – 108003.

(The end of documents).

Halyna earned 260 thousand UAH in 2015. Let’s suppose, for example, she earned the same amount for less than a year of 2016 (as far as since November she has been actively working in the Public Integrity Council), and somehow miraculously managed to earn at least 100 thousand UAH in January-October 2017. A total amount is 620 thousand UAH. And 108 thousand UAH was on the bank account. It is 728 thousand UAH in total.

In three years she drank and ate something, but we won’t count it, because probably she kept her diet or something else, or friends bought it for her. She travelled abroad and on vacation, it’s about 75 thousand UAH. She bought a little bit of jewellery; let it be some 40 thousand UAH. Exquisite dresses of the Ukrainian designers, according to expert estimates, cost not less than 80 thousand UAH. She has been renting housing for three years; the amount is 216 thousand UAH (minimum price). She bought an apartment – 723672 UAH. It is 1 million 135 thousand UAH in total.

That is, expenditures are almost two times greater than income.

Of course, this is not a validated figure. But Halyna herself, drawing conclusions about some judges, did the same.

Here’s an example of what Chyzhyk said about the judge Ivanova:


The most essential in this information is the fact that the earnings of officers of the Soviet Union troops were so scarce that, after 5 (and even 10) years of service, the huge result of accumulations could be maximum a car “Zhiguli”, a kitchen and a TV set, but not an elite house shown in the plot.

The Public Integrity Council considers this Candidate’s act to be incompatible with the main Bangalore Principle 3:

Honesty and integrity are the prerequisites for judges to perform their duties properly.

3.1. The judge must take care that his conduct should be impeccable from the standpoint of an outside observer.

  1. 2. The actions and behavior of the judge should support the public’s confidence in the integrity and incorruptibility of the judiciary…

(The end of the document).

So, we just applied the same principle: “For the past three years Halyna Chyzhyk could have earned the sum to buy a flat on the secondary market in Boiarka, but not a one in an elite new building in Kyiv”. And then you can only guess either Halyna Chyzhyk is not so virtuous, as she seems to be, or she has a “secret” admirer.

Surely no one could doubt the decency and integrity of such a young girl.

So who are you, a secret sponsor of Halyna Chyzhyk?

Alina Tovchenko




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