In the School of Corruption, the activist Shabunin was "crucified" for dishonesty and stupidity

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On October 10, 2017, the program School of Corruption focused on why the head of the Center for Combating Corruption Vitaliy Shabunin (a dossier for this activist is here) “is sliding rapidly to the bottom of the social elevator of anti-corruption activities”. At the beginning of the broadcast, the hosts of the School of Corruption immediately noted that they would “crucify” Shabunin and told about how that activist, doing his PR, was sometimes getting out of line and showed his own “stupidity and dishonesty”.

In particular, the School of Corruption reminded that just the previous week Shabunin was caught in a tough situation on ZIK TV channel during the broadcast of the program “Narod proty”, arguing that public activists and their organizations should not submit declarations. Or if they are to submit, then they should have the right to obtain examination and to have the access to documents. According to the opinion of Tetiana Mykytenko, this is not the position of a public figure, but a behavior of a market dealer, who begins to bargain for something in his favor.

Moreover, the School of Corruption was very surprised at the fact that Vitaliy wasn’t able to control himself. Or, in general, he refused to answer the questions. For example, when he was asked where and for what purposes he spent 23 thousand dollars of the grant money with an interesting title “The restitution of Lazarenko’s money”, Shabunin still hadn’t answered, he instead had begun to talk about the fact that the American ambassador considered the Center for Combating Corruption of Vitaliy Shabunin to be the best partner because they accounted for every penny.

Moreover, despite direct indications in the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine, Shabunin is confident that activists cannot be corrupters by any reason. But at the same time, Vitaliy believes that they can and should take “dishonest money” of the corrupt people, if the latter want to donate it to something!!!

As they say, no comment.


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