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Place of realization of activity:

Since June 2017 he has been a member of the Civil Oversight Council at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine .

As he noted himself (12.06.2017): “I, obviously, have to clean the information space of the Council up. I think there will be a lot of work, because the campaign of the oppression over the Council had begun before our election))) So, colleagues-journalists, contact us for information and comments. I would love to help! (if only you are not propagandizing Russian mass media)”.

Delegated from the Public Organization «Stop Corruption» to the Civil Oversight Council at NABU (May 2017) (from the page


Have decided:

To nominate the candidates of Lylyk Taras Yaroslavovych, Bochkala Roman Oleksandrovych and Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych from the Public Organization «Stop Corruption» for participation in the competition for the composition of the Civil Oversight Council at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

Chairman of the meeting    Signature  T.Y. Lylyk

Secretary of the meeting  Signature  R.O. Bochkala

Seal of the Public Organization «Stop Corruption», Ukraine, Kyiv-city

Identification code 39946405

(The end of the document).

Since October 2015 has worked as an investigative journalist of the Public Organization «Stop Corruption», anti-corruption investigations were being broadcasted on 5Channel  and ICTV channel (with the latter, there were constant misunderstandings due to the reluctance of the channel to air the programs of the “Ochna stavka” project).

Since 2016 till 2017 he was a member of the Odesa Competition Commission (of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine) for the selection of the leadership of local prosecutors

Biographical information:

A citizen of Ukraine

Born: April 6, 1989, Zaporizhzhia

Marital status: Single

Place of residence: Ukraine, Kyiv-city


In 2006 graduated from the Secondary School № 72 in Zaporizhzhia-city;

In 2010 graduated from the National University of Zaporizhzhia, Faculty of Journalism (international journalism / TV journalism).


May 2010 – October 2011 – various printed editions of Zaporizhzhia;

October 2011 – October 2015 – journalist of the “24” TV news channel;

Since October 2015 – journalist of the «Information Agency «Stop Corruption TV» TOV, whose founders are the same individuals as of the Public Organization «Stop Corruption».

Profile in social networks:  and

Financial position:

Declaration 2016

The Declaration was filed on May, 19, 2017

Chapter 1: The type of the Declaration and the reporting period


Chapter 2.1: Information about the subject of the declaration

Full name:  Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Registered address: Ukraine, Kyiv-city

The place of permanent residence and the correspondence address, to which the National Agency on Corruption Prevention can send correspondence to the subject of the declaration: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region.

Occupation: TOV «Information Agency «Stop Corruption TV», journalist.

Position Category (fill in if this applies to you): [Not Applicable]

Do you refer to officials who are in a responsible and particularly responsible position, in accordance with Article 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”? No

Does your position belong to positions associated with a high level of corruption risks, according to the list approved by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention? No

Chapter 3: Objects of real estate

Type of the object: apartment

Date of entitlement: 19.01.1998

Total area (sq.m.): 76,04

Full name: Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Country: Ukraine

City: Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region

Cost on the date of acquisition: 12268

Information about the rights to the object:

Type of the right: common ownership

Rate, %: 33

Full name: Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Type of the right: common ownership

Rate, %: 33

Owner: citizen of Ukraine

Full name:  Haievski Martin Andzheievich

Type of the right: common ownership

Rate, %: 34

Owner: citizen of Ukraine

Full name:  Lahutenko Yevheniia Ivanivna

Chapter 11: Income, including gifts

Source of income: the legal entity registered in Ukraine

Name: TOV «Information Agency «Stop Corruption TV»

Code in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU): 38683985

Declared by: Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Type of income: the wage received at the main place of work

Size (cost): 15000

Information about the rights to the object:

Type of the right: the owner is a third person

Owner: the legal entity registered in Ukraine

Name: TOV «Information Agency «Stop Corruption TV»

Code in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU): 38683985

Chapter 12: Cash assets

The institution in which such accounts are opened or to which the corresponding contributions are made: [Not Applicable]

Full name: Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych

Type of asset: Cash

The size of the asset: 4000 Currency: USD

Information about the rights to the object:

Type of the right: ownership

Full name: Lahutenko Artem Oleksandrovych


According to the Declaration 2016 data  he owns 33% of the apartment (total area 76.04 sq.m.) in the city of Zaporizhzhia; has no car.

Despite the fact that in the Declaration the registered place of residence is defined as a real estate in Kyiv, data on its lease or ownership is absent. At the same time, a flat in Zaporizhzhia-city is determined as the place of permanent residence and the correspondence address.

It is interesting to find the declared salary of 2016 in the amount of UAH 15,000, which was less than the minimum even for the year 2016, with the absence of other official earnings.

Actions, facts and statements that are not in line with the principles of integrity:

  • In April 2017, he was an active participant in the conflict of the activists of “Stop Corruption” and the mayor of Dnipro Borys Filatov and his deputy Mykhaylo Lysenko

A fight with the mayor Filatov and his deputy Lysenko took place in the Dnipro City Council: the face of the OSBB (Association of co-owners of apartment buildings) activist was broken


Dated April, 26, 2017

Journalists claim that Filatov beat an activist in the face; the mayor claims that he did not take part in the fight. In the Dnipro City Council a fight broke out between the activist Serhiy Varfolomiy and the deputy mayor Mykhaylo Lysenko, with the participation of the mayor Borys Filatov. This was reported by the member of the City Council Dmytro Khozin in the social network Facebook. “Filatov broke the face of the activist, Lysenko spit on him. Hellish mayor’s office”, Khozin wrote. Also, the deputy specified that room with the server where the record of beating was stored, is closed. As the deputy of the City Council Dmytro Khozin reported to the local edition 056, at the moment the police and doctors are in place. So, today, on April 26, a team of “Stop Corruption” program of the 5Channel came to Dnipro for filming at the Dnipro City Council. Among them there was also a local activist of the association of co-owners of apartment buildings (OSBB) Serhiy Varfolomiy. According to the victim, the deputy mayor attacked him and dragged him to his office. After that, the mayor of the city Borys Filatov came into the room, talked with his deputy, after which they both began to beat activists. Also, a detailed description of the entire incident was published in Facebook by the journalist Roman Bochkala. “Mayhem in the Dnipro mayor’s office. The deputy mayor Mykhaylo Lysenko attacked Artem Lahutenko, the journalist of “Stop of Corruption”. Inadequate unbalanced person. The camera crew, together with the Dnipro activists, came to the budget commission meeting to ask about the misuse of budget funds in the area of ​​housing and communal services for which Lysenko was responsible. Misha’s hands were shaken, he broke up and hurriedly left the meeting, accompanied by a guard, the journalists followed him; the official began to push and offend them. The most interesting thing began in Misha’s office. Lysenko attacked the activist Serhiy Varfolomiy. Our colleague was forced to defend himself. Further even more. Lysenko summoned the city mayor Borys Filatov, who also came with a guard, and also beat Varfolomiy in Lysenko’s office. Real mess. The eyewitnesses of this situation were a human rights activist Ihor Bondarchuk and video operators Zorian Ben and Volodymyr  Sadykov. Meanwhile the mayor’s office security did not allow the police staff to enter the office! The policemen stood silently behind the door, listening to the sounds of beating. When Varfolomiy managed to escape, his face was in blood. This is the attitude towards journalists and their inconvenient questions”, the journalist wrote on his page in the social network.

Also details of the beating of a public activist were reported by the journalist Yekateryna Zabirnaia in Facebook. “Filatov beat Serhiy in the face, the guard – with his legs. The mayor of the city of Dnipro. Journalists from Kyiv were shocked, everything was in their sight,
besides Serhiy’s phone IPhone 7plus was stolen”, – said Zabirnaia. It is worth noting that at the same time the mayor of Dnipro Borys Filatov claims that he did not beat the former head of ZHEK (housing and communal services) No. 37 Serhiy Varfolomiy. He said this, announcing his version of the event, reports the local publication “Strana”. According to him, Varfolomiy burst into the office of Mykhaylo Lysenko, the deputy mayor of the Dnipro City Council on issues of housing and communal services, and arranged there a brawl. Filatov himself, in his words, did not take part in the fight. “Varfolomiy said that I hit him in order to stir up the situation in press – they say it was the mayor who beat. But this is not true. Two men took part in the fight: my deputy Mykhaylo Lysenko and Serhiy Varfolomiy. I came to the scene after the fight, when they called the police and began to find out what was happening. After that, I went away, and then these loud accusations began to appear in media. Just when Varfolomiy realized that he would have to comply with the law, he decided to turn this around on me”, – says Filatov to “Strana”. On his Facebook page, the mayor reacted emotionally to the charges. “For a year and a half they seized the building of the City Council, brought “titushky” to the hall, broke into the deputy’s offices, burned the communal equipment, cut down the tires, offended ATO municipals calling them “separatists”. They were lying on air. Sabotaged sessions on air. They used the fact that the law-enforcement system was not functioning in the country. They felt unpunished. Their pathetic convulsions were observed throughout the country, and now they are doing a victim (“terpila”) of the chief of ZHEK who was beaten by the mayor. They are like that, and I went to the executive committee. I need to work “, – wrote Filatov.


In the Dnipro mayor’s office a fake video against journalists was concocted



  • In media there began to appear the information about the fact that the journalists of the “Stop corruption” program, including Artem Lahutenko, while conducting their investigations enter the public in misleading by presenting themselves as the journalists of 5Channel.

This journalistic project is also accused of political engagement (concerning cooperation with L. Partskhaladze in 2015) as well as of bias in the preparation of some of its programs.

“Stop Corruption”: Investigative Program or Coverage for Criminals?


Ukrainian information space is completely immersed in the world of post-truth, an artificially created parallel reality. This is a world in which the daily paid protests are issued as a real manifestation of people anger, where the total “spread” of #betrayal (#zrada) without any Russian TV channels is called “analytics” and where the whitewash of raiders and corrupt officials is called a journalistic investigation. Moreover, all this – either simultaneously or separately can occur both on the “opposition” and on the pro-presidential channel.

Three out of the box

What would you think if people in T-shirts with branded logos of 5Channel and vivid inscriptions “Stop Corruption” approached you in the street? Probably, the idea of ​​fraud would have come far from the first. However, Dr. House teaches us that everyone is lying, and this “project”, which is broadcasted on 5Channel – a media resource officially owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko – is a vivid confirmation of such a theory. According to a description on the site, the “Stop Corruption” journalistic investigative project “shows a real picture of corruption schemes and abuses in the region, and aims to close all gaps for bribery by setting up an effective anti-corruption plan”. However, the ambitious mission seems to only cover the real goal.

Mainly it’s not the journalists of 5Channel, who make investigations, but the editorial board of the «Information Agency «Stop Corruption TV». In its turn, this agency is affiliated with the same public organization. The organization was founded by the journalist Roman Bochkala (the dossier for this activist can be read here), a lawyer Bohdan Khmelnytsky and its chief Taras Lylyk.

In essence, the program, which is positioned as a journalistic project, is just a “mouthpiece” of this questionable public organization. Camera crew’s exits are usually accompanied by the arrival of several dozen of activists in corporate jackets, and sometimes even with flags. Activists are sometimes so active that they can physically attack the “heroes” of investigations.

But if to talk about content, the program often includes advertising scenes (for example, about the advantages of cryptocurrencies), image materials (on the whitewash of corrupt officials of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) and other common features of a “true journalism”.

Off the standards
In general, it is strange how the “Stop Corruption” fell into the list of “investigations” and “journalistic projects”, which are monitored by an authoritative profile edition “Detector Media”. However, in the regular rating of investigations, “Stop Corruption” almost always occupies the last places with the smallest number of points for professionalism, observance of the balance of points of view, depth of presentation of the material and many other criteria. Actually, where the “propaganda project” should have to be.

However, in fact, activists enjoy all the “privileges” of journalism. They can loudly say about the interference with journalistic activities, declaring their offenders “enemies of the press”, wear their press cards, attend authorities meetings posing as correspondents, etc. Although in reality – there is no journalism at all.

There is a lot of interesting information on the Internet about the formation of one of the main people in the “Stop Corruption” – Bohdan Khmelnytsky (before the imprisonment also known as Maydaniuk), which took place in the sick places of the city of Uman in the Cherkasy region. According to media, approximately in 2005, a number of criminal proceedings were instituted against Maydaniuk, in particular for the commission of crimes provided by Part 3 of Article 289 (abduction with the use of violence), Article 15 (assault on a crime) and Part 1, Article 393 (escape from places of imprisonment), Part 1 of Article 263 (illegal storage of weapons) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Evil “tongues” say that after a regular retreat, Bohdan took his wife’s name and decided to become a human rights defender. The first customers, of course, became his friends from the place of detention. So, «Bohdan Khmelnytsky association» is a large legal network of activists and legal assistance for the specific groups of population.

Changing one’s shoes in the air                           

For Khmelnytsky this is not the first experience in the media. In 2012, he already created a television company “Grim-TB”, which also engaged in “journalistic investigations” in the right direction. This “television company” was one of the few who showed “secret premises for torture” in the building of Kyiv City State Administration during the Maidan. Besides them, it was also shown by the 112 Channel, which was directly connected at that time with Zakharchenko, the Minister of the Interior.
The “Grim-TB” partner of Khmelnytsky was a well-known Zhan Novoseltsev, a pro-separatist ex-correspondent of the “1 + 1” TV Channel (from where he was expelled for “selling” plots of the program “Groshi”), who today “is doing his best” on the scandalous 17Channel  (in fact, on the channel which is a mouthpiece of the “Opozytsiynyi Blok” in its worst manifestation).

There is nothing surprising that Khmelnytsky as a weathervane quickly reoriented himself after the change of power and already run for the Uman region from the “Narodnyi Front”. And after that he quickly joined BPP (Blok Petra Poroshenka).

Is it possible to say that if a person with such a rich life experience is behind the project of “journalistic investigations” and “anti-corruption organizations”, then their goal is transparent and understandable? Obviously not.
And a more in-depth study of the activity of the network of the Public Organization “Stop Corruption” throughout Ukraine shows this. The media show a lot of evidence of the true essence of the work of the Public Organization “Stop Corruption”. Here are the extortions from small and medium-sized businesses, under the fear of being “terrified” with the “righteous anger” of “public activists”. The Public Organization “Stop Corruption” is especially concerned with the issues of transportation (one of the businesses that Bohdan Khmelnytsky protected for money with the regional authorities), as well as the extraction of sand.

In order to eliminate the “wrong” miners from the market, “Stop Corruption” even thought over a whole lobbying campaign, the main idea of ​​which was the pollution of the Dnipro River by car washes and by the process of extracting sand. Some environmentalists relied on the word of “Stop Corruption” – until they were convinced that it was not about the environmental protection, but about banal profit. Often, to create the visibility of the conflict and its solution, Khmelnytsky and Bochkala seem to be on different sides of the “barricades”, but essentially they collect money for PR and a discredit of each other from both parties of the confrontation. To do this, “Stop Corruption” has a whole set of tools: flags, t-shirts, banners, paid grandmothers, and most importantly – a broadcast on the presidential channel twice a week.

“Stop Corruption” also had its star hour. In 2015, the “patronage” over the project was taken by the first deputy governor of the Kyiv region Lev Partskhaladze. At that time, the lists of “professional corruptees” were publicly announced at the level of the prosecutor’s office and of the regional administration long before a case came to the court (if at all). For Partskhaladze this was a good platform for elections, because all problems could be collected at mobile units throughout the region. And then “magically” to deal with their solutions.

All of the above-mentioned didn’t prevent Roman Bochkala and the journalist of “Stop Corruption” Artem Lahutenko to be elected to the Civil Oversight Council at NABU, as well as to participate in numerous staff competitions as a prosecutor or as a judge. At the same time, NABU itself suspected the putative nature of the voting, because there were a lot of “package” votes recorded – for 15 candidates selected and “recommended” by the NGO “Center for Combating Corruption” (headed by Vitaliy Shabunin – a dossier here). Bochkala and Lahutenko from the “Stop Corruption” fell into this list of “favorites”.

Significant for the “reputation” of “Stop Corruption” was the recent accession of another prominent swindler – one of the ideologues of the financial pyramid “Heliks” (Helix) Dmytro Naguta – to this civic organization. Dmytro immediately became a full-time “financial expert” in the “investigation” programs with corresponding sad consequences for the quality and at least some visibility of journalistic standards.

Similar processes occur regularly at the regional level. For example, in Kherson, the local “Stop Corruption” is headed by a criminologist who was twice imprisoned, and the organization itself, as the local media write, turns into a suction cup of the department of combating economic crime of the regional Internal Affairs Department. “This public organization is meant to be a public assistant to the Department of Economic Protection; in Kherson Velychko and his predecessor, Keretsman (heads of the Public Organization “Stop Corruption” in the region – Author.) actively cooperate with the local leadership and personally with the involved in the loud corruption scandal Artem Antoshchuk, execute small and not very small orders “, – the site “Kherson Online” describes the anti-corruptees activities.

That is why when next time Mariia Gural or Artem Lahutenko will come up with you with the “Stop Corruption” microphone, think carefully, whether it is worth talking with them at all, and whose interests – obviously not a viewer’s one – they stand up for.



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