SECRETARIAT CCC, or How the activists are going to usurp NABU

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In 5 days the activist Roman Maselko will receive the second monthly tranche of a decent amount in Euro. You may ask what for? Well, everything is as usual – to “oversee NABU investigations and disciplinary matters, respond to various claims and complaints from the public“, etc. Are you surprised? We are as well))) But it is exactly for this…

In Kyiv due to the scandalous construction in Pechersk a clash occurred

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In the Pechersk district of Kyiv in place of the scandalous construction of the land plot on Michurina Street, 44 there was a clash between activists and developers. The activists demanded to stop the construction calling it illegal, while the representatives of the developer claimed that they had all the legal documents. This controversy has become the cause of the…

How do Vinnytsia activists make a living?

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In the following journalistic investigation we will talk about public activists. At once, we want to emphasize that, in our opinion, an overwhelming majority of active public figures in Vinnytsia region are mostly decent people with a patriotic position. Many of them, as well as the people indicated in the text, participated in the Revolution of Dignity, fought for Ukraine’s…

The Public Integrity Council has been urged not to overload the courts with requests not provided by the law

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The Public Integrity Council is not a legal entity, therefore it has no right to request and receive information on judges from state authorities. Such a response was given by the head of the Court of Appeal of Odesa region Grygoriy Kolesnikov at the request of the coordinator of the Public Integrity Council. This was reported on the website “Zakon…